Song Premiere: Dorothy Knows That Flawless is a Process


In 2013, “flawless” was more than a synonym for perfection. Thanks to Beyonce’s single, it became an overtly feminist affirmation, one that prioritized self-confidence over meeting expectations. With their brand new single–and the first from their forthcoming sophomore album, 28 Days in the Valley–Dorothy adds to that narrative. Listen to “Flawless” exclusively below.

“It’s about an ex who really did a number on me. This one came fast. It was very subconscious… like I’m channeling them. [Producer for 28 Days in the Valley] Linda Perry pulled the lightness out of me, both personally and musically. This record is definitely still bold, but it’s happier. It’s kind of like the butterfly coming out of the cocoon.” – Dorothy Martin

While the lyrics begin at a low point, the chorus rights the ship: “Coming out of all of my darkness now that I’m flawless!” Martin cites traumatic memories and unpleasant emotions as the origin of this uplifting anthem, and appropriately, she holds nothing back in her performance on the track. Her voice soars with a rumbling reminiscent of Alison Mosshart, fueled by flames as searing as the brushfire on their album art. This passion pulses through Martin, and no, she “probably doesn’t have any natural talent,” according to an interview she did with the Huffington Post. It was solely her hard work and dedication to her craft that led her rock band to take LA by storm, and they aren’t ready to leave the spotlight just yet.

Dorothy will be performing at the Fonda on February 16th; grab tickets. Expect 28 Days in the Valley to come out on March 9th. Stay tuned to the band’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more information.

by: Zoë Elaine



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