Experience Typhoon’s New LP Offerings Live at the Teragram Ballroom on Sunday 2/11

If you read Grimy Goods’ coverage of Kyle Morton’s Bootleg performance from January of last year, you may understandably be clamoring for tickets the next time he’s in town. In our interview, he mentions working on a new album with his band Typhoon–a promising hint, because for everyone that isn’t Kate Bush, a new album usually means a new tour. Well that new album, called Offerings, has been out for about a month, so get ready for their appearance at the Teragram Ballroom this upcoming Sunday; grab tickets.

Told in four parts, Offerings is a dark concept record that deals with themes of memory loss and accompanying hysteria. Morton cites Memento (Nolan, 2000) and David Lynch as influences on the project, where he manipulates perspective to tell a story of a man who is losing his own. Explaining further, he says the album wrestles with “the dual theme of (1) what it means to be a person stripped of all memory and (2) what happens to a world that loses all sense of history (read: modern America). In a nutshell, neither outlook is good, though hope is offered here in small doses.”

The Portland group is not typically brooding, but this time they’ve dialed back the brass, focusing instead on deep guitar melodies. That doesn’t mean their live shows are going to be any less grandiose. Typhoon has always had an immersive sound that could shake walls. Though the instrumentation seems narrower on their latest LP, The Berklee Groove documents their current tour lineup as a seven-piece ensemble, capable of all their usual antics and hopefully some new ones as well.

Their show at the Teragram won’t disappoint. If you are able to arrive early, you’ll have the pleasure of hearing the dreamy psych rock of Mimicking Birds, who also recently put out a record. Singer-songwriter Matt Dorrien rounds out the bill that night with his own haunting melodies.

Click here to buy tickets to see Typhoon at the Teragram Ballroom on Sunday, Feb 11th. For more information on the band, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Buy Offerings here.


by: Zoë Elaine

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