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My husband and daughter on our latest beach camping trip

Need some cool and unique Father’s Day gift ideas for the modern, adventurous Dad? We got you! Whether the special Father figure in your life seeks outdoor adventure products, or stylish and modern Father’s Day gifts, our list of 20 Unique Father’s Day Gifts for the Cool, Adventurous Dad will blow your mind! Well, maybe not really, but this Father’s Day gift guide will give you all the cool Father’s Day gifts sure to bring a genuine smile to Pop’s face. Trust, my husband already owns a bunch of these things and he loves them. Lucky for him I just ordered him a couple more goodies to make his first Father’s Day a most awesome experience.

Fair warning, some of these products are expensive (luxurious Father’s Day gifts, if you will), some are moderately priced and some are very affordable Father’s Day Gifts.

In no particular order:

1. Cool & Stylish Sunglasses

Persol Sunglasses Father's day gifts

Photo via Persol Eyewear

The Steve McQueen Sunglasses Persol

Everyone knows refined retro cool can be found with the right Wayfarers, but help your dad stand out of the crowd and get that McQueen cool with the very designer frames the King of Cool preferred with a pair of Persol sunglasses. GET THEM!

2. Proper Cocktail Glasses

unique stone cocktail ice chillers Father's day gifts

Photo via Uncommon Goods

On The Rocks Set

Does Dad like winding down on the weekend with a nice glass of whiskey? Or perhaps a craft cocktail? This On The Rocks Set takes the term “on the rocks” to a whole new level! Let Dad sip his drink with granite discs gathered from New England beaches. Not only do they look super cool, but they actually keep your drink cool! GET THEM!

3. New Vinyl From a Band He’s Never Heard Of

Father's day gifts vinyl

Photo via Matador Records

Whether you’re gifting a first-time Dad, or a seasoned Father of 40 years, I think we can all agree that every Dad these days loves Vinyl. With that said, get your Dad hip this Father’s Day to some modern bands he’s never heard of! Grimy Goods features a ton of new artists on the regular. Check out our latest playlist for some new music inspo, or pick up this recent favorite. Or this one. Or this all-time fave.

4. A Fitness Tracker


Fitbit Versa Smartwatch father's day gift

Photo via Fitbit

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

Help Dad keep that #DadBod in check by encouraging good health with a Fitness Tracker to help count his steps, his calories burned, sleep and all that fitness good stuff! The new Fitbit Versa Smartwatch is the jam and Dad will think it is too. GET IT!

5. Cool & Sleek Wireless Headphones

Marshall Headphones father's day gifts

Photo via Marshall Headphones

Marshall Headphones

With so many headphones out there, which do you chose for your Dad? Sure you can get him funky colored #basicbitch headphones that errrrybody hypes on, or maybe some super fancy modern headphones (LOVE THESE), but our recommendation is one for the rock ‘n’ roll Dad. Get him an uber cool set of Marshall Headphones. Why? 30+ Hours Wireless Playtime, cool looks, and Iconically Marshall (duh). GET IT!

6. Perfect Mirrorless Camera, Drone, Laptop Bag

ThinkTank Urban Approach 15

Photo via ThinkTank

A lot of times, dad is the resident family documentarian and gadget guru. ThinkTank makes exceptionally well-thought out designs for carrying all your travel photography items in a small efficient bag and the Urban Approach 15 is the quintessential travel photography bag for your Instagram dad who wants his camera, drone, and laptop all in one place but needs to stay light and nimble on those day trips. GET IT!

7. Locking Dry Bag

Expedition Research Ruggedized Dry Bag

Photo via Expedition Research

Expedition Research Ruggedized Dry Bag

Divers and sailors have know for ages the benefit of a good Dry Bag, but their uses don’t stop on the seaside. Make sure your dad has all his gear well protected on that next outdoor adventure where you can’t afford to have a precious gadget or a  change of clothes get soggy. With Expedition Research’s Ruggedized Dry Bag, now you can ride Splash Mountain as many times you like and have that backup pair of chonies nice and dry ready for the rest of the day. GET THEM!

8. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

father's day gifts cold brew kit

Photo via Takeya

We can’t deny a properly brewed Cold Brew Coffee is the nectar of the productive gods but at $4-6 a bottle, the price of liquid energy can suck the life out of your bank account. The Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker is an internet favorite making multiple top lists for cold brew makers and yet it’s less than 20 bucks. In one month this thing has the potential to pay for itself. Get your coffee lover the gift that will keep on giving….besides DIY is like SOOOO in. GET IT!

9. Concert Tickets to a Band He’s Never Heard Of

Portugal. the Man at Boston Calling by Steven Ward

Portugal. the Man at Boston Calling by Steven Ward

I don’t care if your Dad goes to a concert once a decade, or once a month — you can never go wrong with concert tickets. And why not spark up Dad’s love for music by introducing him to some new acts. Here’s our upcoming concert recommendations by genre, and currently touring: Rock, Hip Hop, Indie (garage), ElectronicMORE OPTIONS!

10. A Weatherproof Backpack (that looks super cool)

Father's day gift backpack

Photo via Mission Workshop

The Rhake by Mission Workshop

One of the finest roll top bag designs we have come across. Whether you’re on the train, pedaling, or maybe twisting the throttle on two wheels, a lot of Dad’s aren’t commuting where a briefcase or messenger bag works out. In comes a solid, attractive backpack designed to hold all the modern office needs plus the personals, and Mission Workshop has delivered. As an added bonus, you can customize your bag with additional modular add on pouches to suit your dad’s needs. GET IT!

11. A Sleek Drone

Father's Day gifts DJI Spark

Photo via DJI

DJI Spark

Help your photography enthusiast or gadget lover go to the next level with DJI’s smallest, lightest drone. The Spark can actually take off from your hand and a perfect companion for those next level family portraits or landscape shots. But dont let the size fool you, DJI packs their drone with a plenty awesome camera capable of 4K video and beautiful still images. Best of all, this drone won’t break the bank and comes ready to fly with everything you need. GET IT!

12. A Simple Pair of Sneakers

father's day gifts simple sneakers SeeVees

Photo via SeeVees

Your dad doesn’t need to be rocking clunky white #DadShoes to give him comfort. These days there’s plenty of fresh kicks that will give Dad comfort and all the cool sneaker vibes. For a straight forward, minimalist sneaker that pairs well with everything from dark denim to elevated slacks, grab Dad a pair of SeaVees or Natives.

13. Axe (not the douchey deodorant)

fathers day gifts Estwing Sportsman's Axe

Photo via Estwing

Estwing Sportsman’s Axe

Look, we’re not going to sell you on this one. Every man needs a solid axe, and this one handsome axe is a well-crafted, USA-made chopping tool. Use it in the yard, camping, DIY projects or keep it in your car for emergency survival mode. GET IT!

14. THEE Polaroid One Step 2

fathers day gifts Polaroid One Step 2

Photo via Polaroid

After being out of circulation for decades, the Original Polaroid is back and making the OneStep instant camera again! Your dad probably remembers plenty of friends and family snapping away on that classic square 600 format instant film and now both camera and film can be purchased again. Give your dad a dose of nostalgia or your new dad a hip way to document the family with a OneStep Polaroid camera. GET IT!

15. A Super Cool Cooler

Yeti-Roadie-20 cooler father's day gifts

Photo via Yeti

Summer time is coming! With that said, Dad’s gonna need a reliable cooler to keep all those brews and burgers cool. Whether camping, backyard BBQs or beach days is your Pop’s thang, trust, he worn’t be disappointed with these top of the line coolers. Yes, they’re expensive, but totally worth the investment. We’re loving the durable YETI Roadie 20 Cooler. And if you got some serious skrill to spend on good ole Dad this year, the Dometic Cooler is the shit. No ice ever. That means no soggy sammiches ever!

16. S’well Bottle

father's day gift ideas swell bottle

Photo via S’well

These things are amazing! Keep dad cool and hydrated with a S’well Bottle. I recall as a child my Father always enjoying cold water; with the Swell Bottle, your Dad’s water will always stay cold! Even if it’s left in his car under the hot sun. Sleek, reusable, BPA Free and it decreases his carbon footprint (no more plastic disposable bottles). GET IT! 

17. A Vinyl Record Storage Unit

FAther's day gifts Atocha-Design-Record-Cabinet

Photo via Atocha

Does Dad got records? Mine did, but I luckily inherited them all while the old man retired in Cancun. If you’re tired of seeing your Dad’s precious record collection live in questionable crates, why don’t you gift him with a fresh and steezy vinyl record storage unit. This one is dope. And if you got the cash, this brand is the Rolls Royce of vinyl record storage unitsMORE OPTIONS HERE!

18. The Ultimate iPhone Case

father's day gifts mophie battery cel phone case

Photo via Mophie

Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie makes some incredible iPhone cases that recharge your phone! My husband and I have been using them for years and we swear by them. Durable, compact design and they deliver more than 100% extra battery life. Trust, Dad will be stoked on any of these Mophie Juice Packs! They also make these cool external batteries, great for travel and the office.

19. Zombie Apocalypse Survival Products

father's day fight guide emergency solar flash light

I don’t know about your husband, but mine is a total survival man. Bugout bags, motorcycles and all. The only thing we are short of in this household is an underground bunker and this nifty Emergency Solar Flashlight. But wait, it’s more than a solar flashlight, it’s also a radio, reading lamp, power bank, and siren alarm! And when it comes to Zombie apocalypses, you can never go wrong with a bunch of these and … Don’t Die In The Woods.

20. Skin Care Essentials

 Brickell Men's Skin Care Products

Photo via Brickell

Brickell Men’s Skin Care Products

Self care for Dad’s skin doesn’t have to stop with a shave kit every year. Introduce to your dad to a whole new face feeling with Brickell’s all natural ingredient-based face care regimen. Brickell has come out with a product line of daily care and anti-age regimens that go on light and have a balanced scent that is just the right amount of manly and fresh. For you dad that doesn’t like adding smells to his medicine cabinet, Brickell offers all their products in unscented as well. My husband is a big fan of their purifying charcoal face wash, anti-ageing cream (yes, I was surprised he even cared about that!) and their face scrub.

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