Premiere: Arthur King Offshoot Trio Releases a Focused New Video

arthur king

LA’s staple experimental group, Arthur King and the Night Sea, has become the namesake for a semi-new series of releases on Dangerbird Records, and the new material is more than worthy of their title. While Arthur King is typically an 8-piece group, their newest iteration is as the trio of Peter Walker, David Ralicke, and Danny Frankel (who are all original members of Arthur King). “Lingam” appears on their recent King Ming LP, and is getting a spotlight with its new video, which you can watch exclusively on Grimy Goods below.

In a word, the new King Ming work is focused; there is little to distract us from steady drums, interjecting horns, and a solitary melodic guitar. As if an overt reference to themselves, the visuals for “Lingam” are similarly restricted, honing in on the subject of the shot and using quick edits to show its movement. This level of attention can’t be maintained, though, with gradually more brass energy seeping in toward the end, and off-center camera angles meant to throw us off balance.


Listen to King Ming on Soundcloud. Follow Arthur King and the Night Sea on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

by: Zoë Elaine

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