Jessie Munro produces the kind of sleek, R&B-informed pop that leaves your soul awash in a blissful kind of emotional clarity and her new song “Under Fire” is no exception. The 23-year-old, Los Angeles based artist is gearing up to release her debut EP On My Own and its second single is at once dreamy, as well as stunningly riddled with soulful hooks fueled by her polished crooning. There’s a kind of effortless magnetism that radiates from Munro as she sings in breezy jubilation of all the things that continuously weigh her down, her airy vocals strolling along tying colorful balloons and ribbons onto all the things that might induce melancholy or pain. The song’s sublime textures–a lush bass line, some choice layered vocals, incessant percussion taps–have all the feel of smooth jazz renditions with the added bonus of Munro’s center-stage, endlessly charming vocal work.

“I wrote Under Fire when I was feeling a lot of pressures from other people around me (friends and my ex). The people that you love and that love you are always going to want to be involved in your life and I’m so fortunate to have that,” Munro said of the song. “But I’m still young and going through some growing pains and I just wanted to make my own decisions and my own mistakes. What I love about ‘Under Fire’ is that it makes that feeling which could be heavy for some really light and doesn’t take itself too seriously”.

“Under Fire” follows her first single, “If Your Eyes Could Talk,” and with just those two songs Munro has already established herself as one of the more exciting newcomers onto the Los Angeles music scene. Taking on all the strains that come with heartbreak On My Own is poised to continue Munro’s dive into her unique niche in both sound and emotional depth. Instantly relatable and yet so endlessly ethereal, Munro is a blossoming talent that sings with the kind of knowing assertions in her voice of someone who’s been doing this for years.

Listen to her song “Under Fire” below!

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