SadGirl offer summer-ready soundtrack in new song “Breakfast For 2”

Photo Credit Michael Haight

Los Angeles’ own SadGirl have announced the release of a new 7″ out in August and have shared one of the songs on it which comes in the form of the reverb-washed “Breakfast For 2.” The song, which is meant to be a follow-up of sorts for one of the band’s first tracks “Breakfast Is Over,” is a staple for their eerie surf-punk tendencies. Right away the song swings and sways in sublime tones that are an immediate callback to 50s-60s rock textures, which is fitting given the fact that the flip-side of the 7″ it appears on holds a cover of classic “Jack the Ripper” by Link Wray. The song’s vintage sound is no accident either, as it’s meant to be a “sequel in line with rock n’ roll and oldies tunes like ‘It’s My Party’ and ‘Judy’s Turn To Cry,’ or ‘Johnny B. Goode’ and ‘Bye Bye Johnny,” according to guitarist/vocalist Misha Lindes.

SadGirl lay on the nostalgia thick and as blissful as their glowing guitars and harmonizations sound through a laptop speaker or earbud, it’s pretty clear that “Breakfast For 2″ was created to be heard through the sonorous transmissions of a vinyl record player. As for the Link Wray cover on the other side of the 7″, Lindes explained it’s a bit of a two-pronged tribute.

“I’m a big fan”, says Lindes, “but I’m also a huge fan of the late Israeli neo-rockabilly / surf guitarist Charlie Megira, who passed away in November 2016, and Charlie has an amazing version of ‘Jack the Ripper'” says Lindes. “So our version is really an homage to Charlie as much as it is to Link Wray.

Listen to “Breakfast For 2” below!

SadGirl’s 7″ is out August 17 and can be ordered here. The band will also be playing two dates in Los Angeles this summer, the first at The Echoplex on July 1 and the second on August 17 at the Warehouse for their 7″ release party. Visit the band’s website and Facebook to stay updated on future releases and tour announcements.

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