Premiere: Black Flamingo Embrace Their Contradictions

Black Flamingo is filled with contradictions. Their name is the obvious first example, and their sound reflects a dichotomy of tropical light and gothic darkness, too. Add to the pile the title and feel of their new EP, Living Ghost, which will entertain as much as it haunts you.

Kimi Recor (founder of Play Like A Girl) and Ammo Bankoff (of Brass Box) plus Christopher Vick (of DRÆMINGS with Recor), have reunited since the band’s dissolution in 2014 to put out material they recorded awhile back. They had a strong, if relatively brief run. Recor told Buzzbands LA, “We were so involved with one another on so many levels, that little things started to really crack the glass. I think we needed time away from one another to really appreciate each other and our collaborations.”

A flamingo with dark plumage has only been seen twice in the wild before, making them excessively rare–particularly appropriate for this new release. If Echo Park music fans were birdwatchers, Living Ghost would be the sighting that they would brag about for days. It has a familiar grit and a welcome ethereality that reminds us why Black Flamingo became a cult hit in the first place. They were ahead of their time in 2010, and remain at the top of their class, despite a wave of gothic influence that has saturated the scene since their departure. Call it a legacy.

Fans will have a chance to see Black Flamingo reunite onstage at the Echo tonight to celebrate the release of Living Ghost; get tickets. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

by: Zoë Elaine

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