The new song (and video) from Israeli-American artist EREZ is one of the most personal works she has ever released. This comes more than three years after her last LP, Proper Lady, which she made before she moved to our sunny city. “Make Me Feel” covers nearly all the time after that, blossoming out of a new relationship that today is two and a half years strong. Listen and watch it below. 

EREZ wrote and arranged “Make Me Feel” as she was falling in love, and she continued to rewrite and rearrange it as they faced hard times, especially now that they live thousands of miles apart. But each time she goes back to it, she falls in love again. The melodies are the stuff of infatuation, complemented by her intriguing vocal production. The titular lyric was the first part of the song that EREZ wrote; now it is a full song and video, where the latter was made alongside her partner. That takes the story full circle, though hopefully this is far from the end.


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