Premiere: The Gloomies Paint a Surreal Picture of Paradise with new video for “Palms”

the gloomies

Based in southern California, The Gloomies are very familiar with palm trees. They named a song after them on their recent album, Romance; while “Palms” isn’t necessarily about loose fronds, it is reminiscent and surreal at the same time. Live around these showbiz symbols of serenity long enough and you’ll agree that paradise is surreal indeed.

The band’s new video does focus heavily on that ubiquitous tree at the start, but then the images begin to bleed. There is always a reassuring pop of nature somewhere in the shot, creating a contrast between the silhouettes of the band. “I like what I see, waking up from a dream,” frontman Andy Craig sings in the chorus; the image he paints is peculiar enough to make one suspect that the dream is not quite over. But it may not be our dream after all: “I don’t see the movies that play in your head.”


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words by: Zoë Elaine

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