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Jarvis Cocker, the spicy Pulp frontman has announced a concert date at The Regent in Downtown, Los Angeles. Cocker will perform at the Regent on Wednesday, October 10 as part of his “Jarvis Cocker introducing JARV IS…” Following a string of intimate gigs at English venues, Jarvis Cocker is now playing a set of California gigs. In addition to Jarvis Cocker’s Los Angeles concert date at the Regent, Jarvis Cocker, will also perform at the annual Desert Daze music festival. This year Desert Daze will take place at Moreno Beach in Perris, CA. Additionally, Jarvis Cocker has tour dates in San Francisco, Milly Valley and Santa Cruz. Check out more Jarvis Cocker tour dates here.

So, will Jarvis Cocker play some Pulp songs at his Regent Los Angeles performance? Don’t hold your breath. Most of the songs performed during his UK tour were new song — but there were some familiar Pulp songs as well (here’s a recent set list), but does it really matter — I mean, it’s the smooth-sailing-oh-so-delicious Jarvis Cocker.

Tickets: Jarvis Cocker at The Regent Los Angeles

Tickets to Jarvis Cocker at The Regent in Los Angeles are priced at $22.50 Advance / $30 Day of Show. The show is 18 and over with doors a 7pm, and show kick off at 8pm.



jarvis cocker 2018 tour

What is Jarvis Cocker’s “JARV IS” tour all about?

JARV is entirely implausible
JARV is a way of looking at the world
JARV is an acronym
JARV stands for something
JARV is louder than you might expect
JARV is two women & three men
JARV is up close & personal
JARV is troglodytic
JARV is a rave in a cave
JARV is a group
JARV is the next best thing
JARV is electric music
JARV is a work in progress
JARV is happening
JARV is ancient & modern at the same time
JARV is playing near you very soon
JARV is an experiment
JARV is a night to remember
JARV is a live experience with no barriers
……& always will be.

*Pulled from a recent press releasee