Grit and Grunge Mark New Single from Stains of a Sunflower — LA Show at the Whisky

stains of a sunflower

Natalie Renée is fed up. Her band, the local rock quartet Stains of a Sunflower, has just put out a new single called “Enough,” which is filled to the brim with disdain. The song is the latest release after their self-titled EP dropped back in February. Browse any of their releases and you’ll find yourself drawn to their magnetic grit; let the natural pull of their music lead you to their show at the Whisky on November 17th. 

There are so many different flavors of rock and roll that work together on their EP, I had to continually check my browser to be sure I hadn’t accidentally navigated away from Stains of a Sunflower. Their opus is “Drip Drop,” a seven-minute journey that begins with a lone acoustic guitar, perseveres through snarling thickets of rock, and ends with a reserved piano melody. It leads directly into the release’s final song, “Black Heart,” which is another tour de force on its own.

And to think those songs could be considered the band’s “old” material. “Enough” is a bolder, if angrier, track that capitalizes on Renée’s emotive vocals, relying on sparse grunge instrumentation—if such a thing exists. The band knows how to stay out of its own way, an admirable trait especially coupled with their clear ability to rock out.

See Stains of a Sunflower perform at the Whisky-A-Go-Go on November 17th, supporting The Strawberry Alarm Clock; find tickets. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Stains of a Sunflower

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