jonny kosmo

Photo: Joseph McMurray. Art Direction: Chloe Lebeaux Sykes

Songwriting depends on hyperbole. The most common topic, love, is only spoken of at the extreme. We have the classic Dolly Parton line, “I will always love you,” which is the polar opposite of Cher’s sentiment: “Do you believe in life after love?” The feeling will either stay forever or kill you, according to these songs. Local musician Jonny Kosmo has a new single that celebrates the love of community, which is the happy medium we need in this circumstance. Watch the new video for “Jessica Triangle” below.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#FF78FF” class=”fistclass” size=”15″]“The title for this song came before it was alive itself. The name seemed to perfectly illustrate the magic that I appreciate about my neighborhood. “How about a motion for love” is essentially a plea in the courtroom of alienation. This song is about connecting; with your neighbor, with your bank teller, with strangers on Figueroa…Community is something I value greatly in all areas of my life. Much of our culture tends to promote individualism and me-ness, this song is about the magic of us-ness.” – Jonny Kosmo[/perfectpullquote]

The real-life Jessica Triangle is a pocket park in Mount Washington, near where Kosmo lives. You can imagine him hanging around the stiff grass, watching other people enjoy themselves with a round grin plastered on his face. He wants us to get lost in our own personal Jessica Triangles. It will lead us to loving one another, and perhaps as more than friends. A smooth guitar melody drives the track’s sensuality, giving some lyrics a second meaning; even when interpreted as more than platonic, “Jessica Triangle” promotes connection. 

Jonny Kosmo will be putting out a self-titled LP on March 1st; check out the release party on February 27 at Highland Park Ebell. MORE INFO HERE

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