Just Like Heaven Fest adds a second festival date at the Queen Mary

Just Like Heaven Fest

Who says you only go to heaven once? Just Like Heaven Fest has added a second festival date!!! Since their May 4 festival date sold-out, Just Like Heaven Fest will now have its second festival date on Friday, May 3 at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Tickets to the second festival date for Just Like Heaven Fest go on sale this Friday, Feb. 15 at 10AM.

Get tickets to day two (technically day 1) of Just Like Heaven Fest here!

Seemingly out of the blue Just Like Heaven Fest has emerged to offer-up one of the biggest throwbacks of indie-rock of the year with a lineup that lays on the nostalgia rather thick. With synth-pop outfit Passion Pit celebrating the ten-year anniversary of their debut album Manners it appears that other late 00s artists have decided to get onboard this wistful train back to a decade ago. Back then, this lineup would’ve been the kind to decorate a pre-teen or teenager’s dream Fuck Yeah Fest poster—we know it would’ve been ours. With likes of Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MGMT, and Beach House—just to name a few—filling out as headliners to the festival, Just Like Heaven Fest has wrangled together all those indie bands you might’ve filled a mixed-CD with to give to your crush. And if you still find yourself on the fence about JLH Fest, here are five reasons why it is such a sentimental throwback makes it one of the best lineups of 2019 so far.

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