Joy Downer

A moody, midnight-run escape through haunting harmonics and vocals, Los Angeles duo Joy Downer’s new single “Getaway Car” is exactly that—a synth-swirling getaway filled with 80s stylized sonics. The duo, comprised of Joy and Jeff Downer, has a knack for recreating in a sleek manner the kind of lush electronica that feels like it’s burst straight from a time-capsuled stereo—as seen on previous single “Plastic Wrap”—and “Getaway Car” is no different. Joy’s low murmurs buzz and wind against a steady-rollicking of sumptuous synths and drum beats, rumbling forward to the tune of whatever engine that’s carrying them towards their new start.

“The song was written and recorded at home. And lyrically, like ‘Plastic Wrap,’ came out through a stream of thought. Most of song’s final takes are from that first session, which seems to happen a lot. It captures something that I just end up trying to recreate every take there after,” the duo said of the song.

“Without a lot of edits or rewrites, we’re left with an honest account of how I was feeling that day. And that day I was full of wishful thinking. I’m recognizing repetitions and patterns that I want to break. Admitting to myself I keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. And then it’s me telling myself that I need change – and anything in the way is going to end up in the rearview mirror. I think there’s a lot of people that can relate to that feeling of needing change or a break from routine.”

Listen to Joy Downer’s new single “Getaway Car” below!

Joy Downer will be playing at Gold Diggers in Los Angeles on May 26.

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