Hot Artist Alert: Pop’s latest teen phenomenon Carlie Hanson has arrived

Carlie Hanson
Photo by Leeor Wild

From serving burgers at the drive-thru of a small town Wisconsin McDonalds to signing to Warner Bros. after the success of her self-released music, 18-year-old Carlie Hanson has all the makings of a star on the rise.

With the release of Hanson’s music video for her single “Numb” earlier this year—inspired in part by her love for horror films with its Misery allusions, calling it the “perfect song” for her to “channel my inner Kathy Bates”—Hanson has already begun to establish herself as the next young female artist to take the arena of pop by storm. But even labeling Hanson as just a peddler of catchy pop-hooks is disingenuous, as like the growing ranks of female artists bending the genre already—from Billie Eilish and Maggie Rogers to Donna Missal and Sigrid—there is a very clear dynamic to her musical intentions that refuses to leave her pigeon-holed to just one genre.

Hanson’s strength lies in her songwriting, in penning songs that are so voraciously intimate and personal to herself that are also somehow translatable to the literal thousands streaming her music every day.


Her latest single, “Back In Your Arms,” is a collection of vignettes that grapple with the intense longing and heartache that comes with love lost—and the near impossible hope of having that person back in your arms. And it’s delivered via Hanson’s powerful vocals, the kind of voice that leaves you awash in all the hoarse pains it’s trying to communicate—along with an anthemic movement of slick beats and distantly echoing riffs.

Carlie Hanson might be labeled right now as “pop’s next teen phenom,” but we’re willing to bet that the singer/songwriter—per the kind of emotion and passion so fervently gushing from her music—has it in her to be so much more. Catch her shattering genre walls and expectations on her upcoming debut EP due out this summer.

Listen to Carlie Hanson’s new single “Back In Your Arms” below!

Hanson is currently on tour with Bad Suns and will be making a stop at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on May 11. With plans on making her major label debut with an EP this summer and a full-length album after that, visit her website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

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