Premiere: Guards continue their six-years in the making return with raucous new single “You Got Me”


New York-born trio Guards continue to put the nail in the coffin of their six-year hiatus with each new single they put out—with the upbeat howler “You Got Me” the latest offering from their long overdue sophomore album Modern Hymns.

A guitar-buzzing, rollicking romp of noisy sonics, “You Got Me” is a breathless sprint from start-to-finish that has frontman Richie James Follin wailing in sweet surrender.


Guards themselves were formed back in 2010 between Follin, Loren Humphrey, and Kaylie Church—after Follin had completed work with his sister Madeline Follin’s band Cults. Like Cults, Guards has a penchant for taking vintage sounds of the 60s-70s and overlaying those textures with modern sleekness. Follin’s vocals crack and fray over the static of clashing guitars and rushing percussion on “You Got Me,” and while the song has its callbacks to some unhinged rock classics, it’s injected with a personality that’s all Guards own.

This is a rock and roll song and the world needs more of those right now. Not in a holy preaching kind of way, but I think the world will always need more reinterpreted rock and roll music. I wrote this song after listening to “State trooper” by Bruce Springsteen. I love the howl. It’s a basic blues riff, which is something we don’t really get into, but it felt right so we kept working on it. Lyrically, it’s got born to lose type of theme. Being aware it’s not going to work, but going full on into it, because you are hooked. It’s about a feeling, and the process of the journey more than the end result.

Guards previous single release “Beacon” was another impressive track. You an check it out here.

Guards first album in six years Modern Hymns is out May 22 via AWAL.

Visit Guards’ website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on future releases and tour announcements.

Listen to the Guards’ new single “You Got Me” below!

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