Delacey at Peppermint Club
Delacey at Peppermint Club — Photo: John Furth

If you haven’t heard “My Man” by emerging artist Delacey, stop everything in your life and give it a listen.  She brings a fresh take to a classic ballad theme, beseeching a supermodel to refrain from stealing her man.

Last Thursday Delacey performed an intimate 30-minute set at the Peppermint Club.  This small venue was packed with a blend of music industry people and new fans.

The show started late. While I waited I wondered how, with only one song out, she would fill the other 25 minutes of her set?

Delacey took the stage with her band to much applause and thanked everyone for coming to see her perform. She introduced the music and explained that the songs we were about to here were off her soon to be released album.  

Delacey at Peppermint Club
Delacey at Peppermint Club — Photo: John Furth

Delacey Set List In Detail

  1. No One’s Gonna Ever Love You” – an aggressive hate song directed at at a shitty ex-boyfriend.  Delacey prefficed the song by saying “Please don’t be scared of me after this song, I promise you guys he deserves this”
  2. Actress” – she wrote this song in August last year when she couldn’t even afford gas and was crying on the subway. It’s a sultry song about feeling lost in life.
  3. “The Subway Song” – felt like a early 00’s ballad about wanting to be someone’s lover, think Michelle Branch
  4. Unloveable” – an introspective song about the emotional baggage she carries
  5. Too Poor To Live in LA” – focussed on how LA makes her feel “emotionally bankrupt” and the way people are only interested in you if you can make them money or prestige. Interesting song to perform for a room full of music industry people who are now paying attention to her because her single has over a million plays on Spotify.
  6. Chapel” – Delacey described this song as her “crazy girl love song.”  It was a bit Lennon Stella, Madison Beer, and Jesse Jo Stark.
  7. My Man” – her breakout hit that everyone was there to see. Before starting the song she gave it a brief introduction. “A lot of people ask me if it’s inspire by another song (Jolene) but there was an actual supermodel trying to steal my actual boyfriend and I was like ‘bitch no.’” Do I believe that a Bella Hadid type was trying to steal the boyfriend of a then unknown music hopeful? The song is great regardless and Delacey delivered a wonderful performance.

There were some technical hiccups with the audio mixing, but Delacey’s overall performance at the Peppermint Club was wonderful.  It was fascinating to watch an emerging artist perform her music and really radiate joy. As Delacey sang, I watched as she recognized that this was what making it looked like. Her hard work was paying off and she was reaping the earlier fruits of her labor.

Photos: John Furth
Words: John Furth (with help from Kaeleigh Morrison)

Delacey at Peppermint Club
Delacey at Peppermint Club — Photo: John Furth