Premiere: Kingsbury gets personal on 80s pop anthem and new single “In My Brain”


Los Angeles-based indie-pop singer Kingsbury has shared her latest single in the form of the synth-powered anthem “In My Brain,” a bittersweet love-letter to young adulthood.

Delivered in a thunderous march of drum machine sonics and riveting synthesizer shimmer, the track propels itself on Kingsbury’s luminous croon and introspective musings on how she’s dealing with growing up.

At twenty-three, Caroline Kingsbury has a furiously manic but poignant grasp on not only herself, but the state of her generation. Giving voice to all the existential angst and cautious hope that one can have as a member of the youth in 2019, Kingsbury wails in solidarity to the tune of 80s pop textures.


Listen to Kingsbury’s new single “In My Brain”

“This is such a strange time to be young. Progress alongside regression can make you feel like there [are] only two choices for the future; hope or fear. There’s no in between. I wrote ‘In My Brain’ as an anthem for the uneasiness my generation feels about our past, present, and future. The culminating chorus line ‘middle finger to my future life’ is the dramatic reaction to feeling like our future is out of control. Writing this deep in 2018, this sentiment was at its peak. My brain was ‘building a fortress’ because it was just too much. I’m in my early twenties and even now a year later the general sentiment seems like a half-joking half-serious we are ‘fucked.’ But, I think making and consuming music is the most hopeful thing we can do. It forces us to feel despite everything trying to get us not to.”

Kingsbury is playing a few dates this summer with her first stop at the Troubadour in Los Angeles on July 23 with the amazing CHAI! She’ll head to Orang County on July 29 with a show at Constellation Room. And another LA date at the Troubadour on August 13 with Alex Lahey.

Visit Kingsbury’s website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on future releases and tour announcements.

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