Premiere: Amy D. Brings Us A Colorful Groove To Remind Us That There Is No One ‘Like You’

Neo-soul artist Amy D.

The month of June is America’s chosen month of Pride, but we should praise originality all year round. Neo-soul artist Amy D. brings us a colorful new groove ‘Like You’ that honors self-love and diversity of culture and perspective. Filmed with an all female crew in Oakland, Amy D. created a video for the jazzy throwback featuring womxn and children of all shapes and flavors.

Watch the heartening video below and celebrate the fact that there is no one like YOU!


“The journey to self-love and acceptance is ever-evolving. As human beings, and particularly, as womxn, we need positive reinforcement and reminders that we are enough. Affirming self-love is powerful. Loving yourself and honoring your experiences (highs and lows) is vital to living a happy and healthy life.” – Amy D.

Bay Area native Amy D. has a voice that rings through many eras. ‘Like You’ showcases a vibrato as smooth as honey, and a composition doused in modern textures and uplifting lyrics. Moving drums underlay her soaring melodies and a simple keys provide accent to the rhythm, like a breath followed by an easy going smile.

“Move like you, breathe like you, sing like you…like you love yourself…”

Keep up with the groove and get to know Amy D. by following her on instagram.

Words: Ariana Tibi

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