Blood Cultures Wish Us Well in “Best For You,” Announce New LP Due in September

Blood Cultures

At the heart of Blood Cultures’ new single, “Best For You,” is a lack of trust. Ironically, the band’s own manifesto preaches a vastly different message: to trust yourself. What’s that—a manifesto?

Yes, the band wrote a manifesto to provide some explanation for their thick shroud of anonymity, and it gives art and its interpreter all the power: “Art is not what the artist intends it to be, but rather what you make of it.” (Read the manifesto in full below.)

Blood Cultures has announced their new album, Oh Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs, due out in September; pre-order it on Bandcamp

“Best For You” describes a violation of an intimate relationship. We should always want the best for each other, but sometimes we get petty or hold grudges or begin keeping tabs on our nemeses.

“Do you want the best for me?” the narrator asks, expecting reciprocity for their support. The chopped sample prominent throughout the song channels synth pop wonders like Neon Indian and HDLSS; given the acoustic-pop influence on “Flowers for All Occasions” and the SOPHIE-inspired production of “Dunk on Me,” the new LP is guaranteed to be a genre-hopping good time. 


Stream “Best For You” at your service of choice here. Pre-order Oh Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs on Bandcamp and follow Blood Cultures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

by: Zoë Elaine

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Blood Cultures Manifesto

Our hope is to create genuine, emotive art for individuals to connect with in a unique way. We choose to not publicly reveal any information about the project and ourselves in order to effectively carry out this mission: We believe that disclosing our personalities, politics, alignments, intentions, orientations, etc could detach the listener further from the personal connection that they have made with the music.

We must support and respect the unique truths and individual meanings that the listeners generate themselves from the tracks and the visuals. Art is not what the artist intends it to be, but rather what you make of it. If we are simply the vessels, who are we to take meaning away from something by imposing our own views, biasis, intentions, etc? 

We choose to be the blank canvas. We want our listeners to find their own significance in the pieces by looking inwardly and seeking the answers within themselves rather than from us: disclosing the context of the work could shatter the individual’s distinct value of the piece that they have created for themselves. There is only one true meaning, and it is that which the listener has concluded is their truth. 

Despite not sharing ourselves in the traditional and physical sense, we instead exclusively share our raw emotional selves by exposing our most personal thoughts, moments, and feelings in the music. Anonymity allows us the freedom to be candid and void of restraint, repercussions and fear. This music is the most personal thing I have ever done, so the relationship we have with our listeners through this channel is an extremely intimate one.

If you feel the music, you understand it, you understand us, and just like that, we are connected. Regardless of our potential differences, we are there together, in the same emotional landscape, through this music. And that is worth preserving. 

Though we’re seen, we will never be seen: just like you
Though we’re
heard, we will never be heard: just like you
Though we’re
known, we will never be known: just like you

Blood Cultures

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