DGTL CLR drops slick new track “Carry On”

One of our favorite up-and-coming electronic music-makers, DGTL CLR is back at it with another dope track. Switching it up a bit, DGTL CLR’s latest single “Carry On” has a Butthole Surfers meets Beck type of vibe. Devereaux Jennings‘ vocals are immaculate in his quick spoken-word delivery, while his unique blend of electronic, indie and low dance bass keeps your head bobbin’ and those hips shakin’.

“The lyrics just plopped out, seeing as I did them on one take as improv about some shit I was going through,” shares Jennings. “I have always felt like this outsider trying to do what I love and be who I feel I am, but always feeling like I am failing or just a lost cause. But we Fail, we Loose, we Fuck up sometimes and we have to Carry On. You are the only person that has the power to make something happen, no matter what holes or hills you face. The moment you give up, is the moment your dream dies. Don’t question your failures, learn from them and grow. Carry On…”

A song with a positive message, and we can’t deny that catchy the hook in “Carry On.” That shit happily stays in your head as you carry on through the rest of your day. Give it a listen below.

Catch DGTL CLR live in Los Angeles on Sunday, Aug. 11 at the Hotel Cafe. He also has 5 upcoming shows this August and September in San Diego. Check out DGTL CLR’s website for more details and follow him via Instagram and Facebook for all the latest tunes and news.


Stream DGTL CLR’s New Single “Carry On”

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