Monogem Releases ‘So Many Ways,’ A Tribute To The Kaleidoscope of Love

Monogem: Photo by Avery Wheless

An ode to the many faces of love, Monogem‘s ‘So Many Ways’ comes floating in on an inspiring, dream-pop wave. The single is accompanied by a sensual music video featuring different couples, as well as a collection of clips of them describing what love means to them. What is love? You tell us:


Monogem’s gentle prowess comes through as she whispers melodies and invites the listener to take their own journey within the meaning of the song. The track grooves to a soft yet upbeat tempo, swirling synths keeping us moving while we simultaneously get lost in a dream. Each couple presents a unique expression of human connection, while Monogem’s solo character allows self-love to shine as the star of the show.

Singer songwriter Jen Hirsh infuses a deep ethos in most of her compositions. Her song ‘Wild’ went viral in China and the music video garnered attention from Good Morning America, E! News, NYLON, Perez Hilton and more. Her latest venture with ‘So Many Ways’ marks the first song off of what will be her next EP.

Stay tuned with Monogem on Instagram.

Words by Ariana Tibi

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