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Monogem Releases ‘So Many Ways,’ A Tribute To The Kaleidoscope of Love

An ode to the many faces of love, Monogem‘s ‘So Many Ways’ comes floating in on an inspiring, dream-pop wave. The single is accompanied by a sensual music video featuring different couples, as well as a collection of clips of them describing what love means to them. What is love? You tell us: Monogem’s gentle […]

Ari |
Seduction never sounded so elegant on MONOGEM’s new track “Get You High”

Los Angeles-based songstress MONOGEM’s newest track, “Get You High,” blends all the right amounts of sultry and sexy, charm and elegance, on a slick backdrop of pop to boot. Building from its devilish invitation into a grandiose pop piece that employs all kinds of sparkle and glitter to the singer’s luminous vocals, it isn’t long […]

Steven Ward |