Monogem heads to the desert to heal in the lyric video for “Sólo Amor”

Monogem -- Photo by Jenna Johns
Monogem — Photo by Jenna Johns

Monogem has unveiled a new single titled “Sólo Amor” and along with it a hypnotizing lyric video. Written while on an excursion to Joshua Tree with her producers The Slackademics, the song was borne out of the singer’s experience with the psychedelic effects of psilocybin. The lyric video, directed by Jenna Johns and Kyle Patrick, recreates that experience with its trippily saturated and sweeping shots of the Joshua Tree landscape, all of which is bathed in Monogem’s ethereally beamed vocals and radiant synths. And underneath the lovingly lush soundscape of “Sólo Amor” is a gushing but unornamented plea to remember that love be our center, that it is the only thing that truly connects us and therefore saves us — often from ourselves. “Nothing, none of this matters…only love matters,” Monogem trills beautifully on the song’s chorus, a solemn prayer towards the potential for each of us to be kinder and more understanding to one another.


“Last November, I had the pleasure and privilege of traveling to Joshua Tree with my producers (The Slackademics) for a week and we devoted the trip solely to work on my upcoming debut album,” Monogem said of the song’s inspiration. “It was late at night after the healing magic of Psilocybin by a wood burning fire that “Sólo Amor” was born. It was the first song to flow out of us and it feels magical, something I hope listeners may be able to resonate with. The message is simple: nothing else matters but love. Love for ourselves, love for one another and love for the world around us.”

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Listen to Monogem’s new single “Sólo Amor” below!

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