Vanessa Zamora’s New Single / Video “Pisilocibina” Provides the Perfect Brain Break Sound Track

Mexican singer-songwritter and producer Vanessa Zamora has released a psychedelic new single, “Psilocibina,” that not only encapsulates the idea uninhabited bliss, but does so in spectacular fashion with a rather creative music video to accompany it.

In a time where it seems hard to find joy, Zamora reminds us that sometimes a shift in perspective, perhaps even with the help of some happy little mushrooms, is all you need to see that happiness is already surrounding you.

“Pisilocibina” is a lush, electronically charged tune that floats along, carried by the smoothest breeze. Its soft melody and upbeat sounds make it perfect for a much needed brain break. Whether you’re still traveling to work, working from home or not able to work, times are stressful and there are days where social distancing and shelter at home measures will never end, or that they’ve been going on for forever, delving into tunes like this can certainly help brighten the day.

Stream: Vanessa Zamora’s “Pisilocibina”

The music video for the single is equally as good and especially fun as Zamora said that she created it by using Instagram filters then having a friend edit it. During times of social distancing, Zamora’s music video making technique is definitely inspiration for a DIY at home video project.

Originally from Tijuana, Baja California, Zamora usually splits her time between Mexico City, Mexico and Los Angeles, California — a culturally stimulating lifestyle that is easily heard in her work. Singing in Spanish, Zamora’s music captures a confident and youthful exuberance.For more on Zamora and her music, visit her website or follow her on social media.

Words: Patricia Sanchez

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