MONOGEM Celebrates A Personal Homecoming With New Single and Music Video For “Feeling Myself”


MONOGEM has returned with another soul-enriching single with the release of “Feeling Myself,” as well as announcing plans for an intimate show at The Sun Rose in Los Angeles on May 31. Since the release of her verdant bilingual album Gardenia just a few years ago she has shared a handful of new songs like “Wild” and “The End (El Final).” So her latest offering represents something of a renewal and reaffirmation of all the things that are central to MONOGEM’s identity as an artist.


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As is a staple of the magic that always appears to radiate from MONOGEM’s music, “Feeling Myself” undulates rhythmically to her openhearted warmth. Singing in both English-Spanish her tender lyricism cushions the song’s gallop of percussion raps as they clamor in the background. Her luminescent vocals arrive like a cascade of illuminating sunshine dripping with fiery pleas of self-validation and love. “Heart in my hand I’ve been through it (oh mi corazón) / Riding the highs and lows,” she coos glowingly. “Life is in color and music (vida en color).” Creating the song served as a kind of celebratory statement for MONOGEM after a period of life that seemed to obscure who she was from herself.

“After a global pandemic, releasing my debut bilingual album and becoming a mother for the first time, it was easy to lose my identity,” MONOGEM explained. “I want to celebrate the feeling of loving yourself again in a way that feels like a homecoming or an arrival into one’s self. This song is my homecoming, I’ve never felt more like myself and at home in my own body. I want my listeners to feel confident and comfortable with who they are.”


The music video for “Feeling Myself,” directed by Mekael Dawson with creative direction from Laurie TB, leans into the ethereal splendor that gushes from MONOGEM music. Against a lit backdrop of warm blue hues and starkly vibrant oranges, the artist appears as the resplendent centerpiece of every shot wearing a custom glistening dress from OLIMA Studio (outfitters of other iconic artists like Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, SZA).

For all the gushing color saturation one of the video’s most striking shots is decidedly subtle about its chromatics: in it, MONOGEM is sitting on the floor surrounded by shadows as a bit of light bursts from behind her, illuminating the softly muted but still dazzling flowers arranged around her. It’s a truly enchanting vision of profound self-actualization that captures all the sides of the artist’s persona: from her bold expressions to her enigmatic soulfulness.

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See MONOGEM at The Sun Rose in Los Angeles on May 31.

Visit MONOGEM on their website, TikTok, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Feeling Myself” the new single from MONOGEM below!

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