Emma Cole delivers most personal song yet with “Zachary”

Emma Cole

LA’s rock queen, Emma Cole, has just released one of her most personal songs yet. Out on his birthday, August 23rd, ’Zachary’ is a tribute to her cousin who left this earth too soon. She lifts us up with her voice as she calls out to him through song, using her medium of psych-rock to tell the story. 

A grunge guitar strums underneath relaxed drums as Emma emotes on top of the mix. Stunning, sharp harmonies follow Emma throughout the song over a major-minor chord progression, almost as an uplifting omen. The song includes chants and distorted radio vocals reminiscent of Led Zeppelin or Stevie Nicks, but true to Emma, is in a style all its own. 

Losing the people we love rips our hearts out, tears us apart, but my message here is that there is always light in the darkness,” Emma says of the song. Speaking to Zachary, she continues: “Your loss catapulted change for another man who was suffering just like you. This song is a message of peace wrapped inside of the ambiance of life’s thrills.” 

‘Zachary,’ produced by Rollingchild, comes as a B-Side to Emma’s debut EP “If You Don’t Holler, No One Will Hear” (2018). The collection reveals some uncomfortable truths about being a teenager and a young woman, her strength woven through each track. Emma transfers that empowerment to her audiences in both her writing and live performances, delivering energetic realism for a generation eager to go deeper. 

You can stream all of Emma Cole’s music on Spotify and keep up with the grooves on Instagram.  


Words by Ariana Tibi

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