Kim Gordon Brings Viscerality With Dark and Dystopic New Single “Sketch Artist”

Kim Gordon
Photo Credit: Natalie Mantini

With an abundance of records in her holster, musical legend Kim Gordon offers us a video for her latest single “Sketch Artist” in celebration of her first-ever solo album No Home Record out October 11th. The single is paired with a video which is illustrated by Gordon driving through L.A. nightlife—commenting on the transience and passivity of Los Angeles. With the impermanence of her hometown in mind, “Sketch Artist” travels through an array of sound—seamlessly passing through meditative cello to a harsh industrial synth and then to a clean acoustic guitar and piano.  With lyrics like, “In the sunlight, dreaming in a tent”, the song is as ephemeral as it is unexpected. 

Watch Kim Gordon’s New Video for Sketch Artist”

Gordon consistently takes her listeners to a place they didn’t know they wanted to go, and “Sketch Artist” is no exception. She incessantly brings her listeners to a challenging place in a musical landscape defined by an overflow of playlists, plentiful releases, and matchbox size attention spans.


Gordon’s sonic impression is lyrically fleeting, ungrounded, and totally visceral. It never lands on a singular idea or a sound, spitting out a picture of a person bringing a pen to a pad and tracing out unfinished images. With No Home Record, we have high hopes that Gordon will go to places that she’s never gone before.

Kim Gordon’s new album No Home Record is available for pre-order HERE

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Kim Gordon sketch artist

No Home Record – Tracklisting:

1 Sketch Artist 
2 Air BnB
3 Paprika Pony 
4 Murdered Out 
5 Don’t Play It
6 Cookie Butter
7 Hungry Baby
8 Earthquake
9 Get Yr Life Back

Words by Elizabeth Hsieh

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