Novi Releases A Soft Groove About Brutal Lessons Learned in ‘StandOff’

novi stand off

Captivating and honest, singer-songwriter Novi has just released a personal track ‘Standoff.’ The L.A.-based artist confronts drug use and the fall it brings in this urban, electro-pop single.

“Water don’t heal the wound when the levee breaks,” Novi, ‘Standoff’

‘Standoff’ is unapologetic in groove and brutally honest in her story. In true Novi fashion, the track features an electric soundscape with emotive, clean vocals. A slow burner, the lyrics carry the angst in this one while the atmosphere remains open to catch them.

“When I was a teenager, I fell in love at first site with an older man. It was the kind of instant spark that I heard about in movies…The problem was he was heavily into the world of buying and selling recreational drugs.” Novi recounts how she watched his decline. “I witnessed sound minds deteriorate around me. I was there when the cops came in to raid his studio. It was then I realized that ultimately, one moment, one decision, can change the entire course of your life.  And that’s what this song is about. That one moment. And what he chose to do with it.”

Novi, moniker of Oregon native Carolyne Neuman, was put on the map when her song “All The Way” was featured in the season Finale of WB’s “One Tree Hill.”  Since then, her music has been featured on many TV shows including Marvel’s “The Punisher,” “Jessica Jones”, MTV’s “Faking It,” CW’s “Charmed,” and “Roswell, New Mexico.” As of Summer 2019, Novi has teamed up with her fiancé Max Liberty [director/producer] and producer StayLoose for a whole new musical venture.

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