mating ritual

The brothers of local alternative pop group Mating Ritual have been wrestling with their ego. Their brand new single “King of the Doves” was the first song they wrote in their newly built studio, intended to simply be an audio test for all their instruments. But the impromptu melodies were so compelling that they begged to become more, and after playing further with the song, Mating Ritual released it as the first single since their recent LP Hot Content. They will be headed on a national tour starting Oct 17th in Portland, with a hometown finale planned at the Teragram Ballroom on November 16th

“You know the king of the doves. Everyone loves him, for a while at least. He’s the last to leave the party. He’s the first to crack a joke. He’s maybe been going too hard for a few too many years. He loves himself, for a while at least. Are you the king of the doves? Am I the king of the doves?”
– Ryan Marshall Lawhon 

“King of the Doves” is a testament to ambition without an objective. A deep bassline makes it perfect for a late-night soundtrack, with bright synths accenting it in all the right places. There is confidence in the vocals that declare our narrator “a Mac truck” and a “freight train,” though he wavers when he says that “it’s hard to be the big man all the time.” But being “the big man” isn’t about power; there is just as much integrity in recognizing your limits and saving your energy for when you need it most. 

Mating Ritual are on track to achieve their goal of putting out five albums in five years—“King of the Doves” may very well be part of their as-yet unannounced fourth effort. In the meantime, listen to Hot Content here

Grab tickets to see them at the Teragram Ballroom on November 16th here. Follow the band on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Words: Zoë Elaine

mating ritual

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