The Black Keys Dan Auerbach
The Black Keys at The Forum — Photo: Danielle Gornbein

The Forum sold out its massive arena this past Tuesday evening for none other than rockstar duo, The Black Keys. Along for the ride were Dan Auerbach’s label children, Shannon and the Clams and the ever eccentric Modest Mouse. Once the time came for the main event, the energy truly broke loose. Lights shone brightly on drummer, Patrick Carney and frontman, Dan Auerbach as they proudly took center stage. 

With no time for pause, The Black Keys took their places and went full throttle into “I Got Mine” off their 2008 record, Attack and Release. Everyone was on their feet and fully lost in the rock mayhem. Properly titled the “Let’s Rock Tour,” The Black Keys were out in support of their latest record, Let’s Rock, which released earlier this year. The release followed their four-year hiatus whilst they both worked on personal projects. I speak for all when I say that we’re beyond thrilled that they’re back and loaded with incredible new songs.

The Black Keys patrick carney
The Black Keys at The Forum — Photo: Danielle Gornbein

They wowed the crowd with some of the new hits, “Tell Me Lies” and “Walk Across The Water”  as well as their beloved classics like “Fever,” “Next Girl,” “Howlin’ For You,” and “Tighten Up.”

One of the perks of L.A. shows are the possibilities of surprise guests. About halfway through the set, Auerbach had the pleasure of introducing rock legend, Joe Walsh to the stage for two special songs together. The Eagles guitarist help shred along on two songs, including The Black Keys’ heavy-hitter, “She’s Long Gone.”

The Black Keys at The Forum was a truly special performance to catch. The rock show carried on for a good while longer, complete with stacked encore. Fans left the arena with the set of songs going through their heads and the pleasant ringing in our ears as the result of one hell of a rock show. 

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