WTF Coachella – Who Is Rage Against the Machine???

Rage Against The Machine may be one of the most iconic rock bands, very well-know across the globe for their inspiring activism and musical skills — but when news broke that the newly reunited band was set to headline Coachella 2020, the socialsphere went crazy.

Who is Rage Against The Machine?

And y’all wonder why so many who once loved Coachella (way back in its early days), no longer care to attend. It’s because of these people. This new breed of festival-goers that just want to attend Coachella for the ‘gram, for the novelty, for the bragging rights, for their lame influencer motives, for the hype beasts and the acts that match that “lyfe” style.

Friends, please brace yourselves.

[insert huge fucking eye roll]

“I’m honestly offended. Who tf is rage against the machine and why is their name bigger than Lana’s?”

Girl, bye.

“Lmao who is Rage Against the Machine and why are they a headliner. Just checked them out on Spotify and they’re certified whack”

Mind of a revolutionary, so clear the lane

“who the fuck is rage against the machine?? put megan thee stallion at the top”

Sure! #hotgirlsummer

“Am I the only one who has no idea who Rage Against the Machine is? 😐”

No, Becky. You’re not alone in this quandary.

“Who the hell is rage against the machine is my main question”

But what’s your not main question?

“Looking at the Coachella line up like who tf is rage against the machine.”


“i’m sorry, but i personally wish lewis capaldi, pink sweat$, niki, and/or daniel caesar should’ve headlined. like who tf is rage against the machine? am i living under a rock, or-“

I bet it’s a shiny rock.

My advice to these people: go do your research before publicly asking silly questions. Don’t be one of those lazy-millennial-pink-entitled … Aye, dios mio. Ima stop myself there.

Y’all are literally on your phones Tweeting and grammin’ up a storm about this, when you can simply do a quick Google search and get yourself educated. Millions of results will show you just how prolific and badass is the band called Rage Against The Machine. Not to mention, they’re exceptionally good humans. You can learn a thing or two from them.

Please, go listen to some music that actually matters. Music that has a positive effect on this world, its inhabitants and life. Go open your mind! Go against the grain. Go listen to music that isn’t just on the radio or co-signed by some lame reality star.

Stay #woke, kids. 😐

P.S. Remember when this happened with Arcade Fire and their GRAMMY!

One thought on “WTF Coachella – Who Is Rage Against the Machine???

  1. Cass Audio

    I won’t be surprise that these tweets are intended sarcasm that are actually mocking coachella’s new demographics.

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