Poolside share sunny and celebratory “Around the Sun” single alongside LP announcement


Tropical nu-disco group Poolside announced their new album Low Season alongside the release of a blissful new single called “Around the Sun.” The duo tapped fellow Angelenos Amo Amo to contribute vocals to the sundrenched celebration of a year passed. The track comes on the heels of Poolside’s fall single, “Can’t Stop Your Lovin’,” which will also appear on the new record. They have an extensive European tour planned for Europe in February; stay tuned for North American tour dates to follow.

“Lyrically it’s about the passage of time and the bittersweet experiences that you have over the course of the year. I was personally feeling these things deeply and channeled them naturally into the lyrics. The song is not a lament but an acceptance and ultimately a celebration.” – Jeffrey Paradise, frontman

Is there a better moment to celebrate the passage of time than right after the turn of the decade? Poolside leaves melancholy out of “Around the Sun”; its sunny nostalgia remains optimistic about the year to come, while accepting the past without judgment. Twinkling melodies and buttery harmonies mark its uncomplicated and catchy chorus—perfect for singing endlessly on loop. 

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