Andy Shauf’s new single ‘Living Room’ is an evolved emotional journey

Canadian born musician Andy Shauf‘s newest single, “Living Room” is an emotional journey that reveals love to be a disjointed and distant experience, but one that is nevertheless strangely beautiful.

“Living Room” precedes Shauf’s new album, ‘The Neon Skyline,’ out Jan. 24 and is a wonderful peak into an album that is meant to be an expansive and evolved commentary on break-ups.

Shauf’s new single is beautifully composed with soft vocals that overlay a strumming guitar and a stirring piano, broken up by moments of Jazzy instrumentals.

While not subtle per say, this song permeates in a very nonchalant but hard to ignore manner, matched quite cleverly with strong lyrics. These lyrics tell a story of repetitive behaviors and mistakes, not just in one person, but in parents as well.

Shauf’s new album is very much conceptual, centering on a specific theme and including very specific characters within the songs. ‘The Neon Skyline’ was written, arranged, performed and produced by Shauf himself, giving the entire album quite personal and deep touch. Different from his previous work though, ‘The Neon Skyline’ was first written on guitar, instead of piano, but the result is just as great.


Shauf’s previous albums also carry a heavy literary tone as Shauf is known for creating music that contains all the layers and storytelling of great fiction. Shauf is an observer, someone who can take in a scene and churn out beautiful poetry and music.

After the release of his new album, Shauf will be embarking on a North American tour that will see him in Los Angeles on Thursday, Feb. 20 at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, with opening act Molly Sarle. For more information, visit Shauf’s website or follow him on social media.

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