Cierra Ramirez Invites Us Into Her World of Pop, Releasing Title Track & Video “Over Your Head”

Cierra Ramirez singer review over your head

Cierra Ramirez is at the forefront of a new pop sound with her bold, spacious new hit “Over Your Head.” The title track to her forthcoming LP (dropping February 28th), the song and video are sensuous with a touch of audacious rebellion. 

In visuals directed by Riley Robbins, a champion of both fashion film and music videos, Ramirez sports looks tailored for the fierce woman who knows what she wants. The star serves sultry glances with straightforward lyrics, bringing a heat to this bingeable song about love and lust. 

Impassioned and ready to turn over her full LP, Ramirez adds a fearless dose of confidence to everything she does. Beyond music, she’s currently starring in and executive producing Freeform’s Good Trouble: a fun drama about the adventure of two girls living in Los Angeles. The 24 year old has already led a bedazzled career in film, and we’re all ears as she makes her way into the world of music. 


Ramirez’s melodies are staccato yet lush, falling off the end of the phrase in a version of stylized pop that is just breaking through on the mainstream. Songwriters are bringing a new type of attention to detail nowadays, edging more and more nuance into the vocal performance. Some have called it akin to ASMR – autonomous sensory meridian response – as you can feel a movement with the simplest of sounds. Think Billie Eilish, who really popped off the ‘close to the microphone’ trend. Beyond vocals, you can hear it in the brushing chorus drums of Ramirez’s track. Listen closely and you’ll find that the number of elements in “Over Your Head.”are slim, but the impact is heavy. 

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Words by Ariana Tibi

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