It’s hard to find yourself. talker has experienced her fair share of growing pains; her new song, “Suck Up,” co-written and produced with Dan Sadin, releases all the pent-up frustration that comes with self-exploration. Perhaps in spite of the lyrics, the guitars are confident and unrelenting. It is a strong statement, one that fits well with her recent singles, which are all leading up to an EP, due out next month. The release show will be on March 8th at the Bootleg Theater, where talker will perform alongside I’m Glad It’s You, Cuffed Up, and Glacier Veins. 

“‘Suck Up’ is the product of me trying to figure out who I am, and kind of faking it through each version of myself until I know. We all have so many sides to ourselves that sometimes feel at odds with each other, like we’re trying to be something we’re not. But at the end of the day, it’s okay to be a million different things. I definitely am.”

The local musician, née Celeste Tauchar, made a splash last February with her debut EP, Horror Films. Since then, she has built upon her alternative rock foundation, layering a sense of arresting vulnerability on her personal stories. “Suck Up” wastes no time before shoving us into a grunge cacophony and talker’s own flurry of identities. Ultimately, all we really need is our own permission to be ourselves, and after sorting through 999 doppelgängers, talker has found herself. 

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