Sophia Islander shares a different kind of post-breakup dance track with “All in My Head”

Sophia Islander

Los Angeles singer/songwriter, producer, and dancer Sophia Islander has shared an empowering new single in the form of “All in My Head,” that takes a different spin on post-breakup songs. The track, produced in collaboration with Hitmakerchinx, was created by Islander after the end of a long-distance relationship and she found a need to return to caring for herself.


Upbeat, danceable, and fueled by Islander’s intense self-love in the reeling aftermath of a heartbreak, “All in My Head” ebbs and flows to the medley of her own self-assured worth and its dance hall beats. Whether played in the club or only for yourself as you dance away from the things that bring you down and back towards yourself, “All in My Head” is the dance track you need running on repeat.

“When I go through breakups, I always come back to myself and it’s a beautiful thing. There’s something about being able to dance on your own (though it’s nice to have a partner sometimes) that’s empowering and therapeutic,” Islander said of the song.

“When producer Hitmakerchinx and I decided to collaborate, this was the first track that I really gravitated towards, especially as a dancer. I recorded all the vocals in my room, mixed it, then sent the track to him. We knew it would be a hit because it made us feel good. It didn’t matter who else was in the room. And that’s what this is really about. I love the process of healing through creating. This is who I am. This past relationship has made me burn brighter. “The more I love, the more I burn”. In this case, it’s a good thing.” 

Sophia Islander has more singles and more collaborations coming through. Keep an ear out for her new singe expect to arrive end of March. Visit Sophia’s Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on new releases.

Listen to Sophia Islander’s new single “All in My Head”

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