Hot Artist Alert: First-Gen Nigerian-American Serena Isioma is Chicago’s next greatest export — Debut EP ‘Sensitive’Out Now

Serena Isioma

At 19-years-old, Chicago musician Serena Isioma has been making waves with the release of her debut EP Sensitive, an album that melts down all of the first-generation Nigerian-American’s eclectic tastes into a deliriously fun and raucous collection. Pressing pieces of rock and lo-fi into the grooves of R&B and hip-hop — and we mean really smoothing them in — Isioma has found a niche all her own, exploding on the EP’s title track in a bubbly funk of bitten off lines and sharp lyricisms.

Her hoarse, smoky vocals fill even the more atmospheric and spacious parts of Sensitive, finding plenty of space on the pop lushness of “Cookout”; and on”Valentina,” a deliciously suave slow-dance through Isioma’s romances. The debut EP is an unabashed claim by Isioma to a much-deserved spotlight: her first attempt bristles with the kind of unapologetic, raw talent and enthusiastic disregard for genre pigeon-holing that makes her so delightfully dangerous.

Serena Isioma’s new EP Sensitive is out now, available here. Visit her website, Instagram, and Twitter to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.


Stream Serena Isioma’s Debut EP ‘Sensitive

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