Turn the volume all the way up on your home sound system and have yourself a quarantine dance party to Wargirl’s new single “Hang On”, the ultimate electro pop jam. This funky track shines with new wave drums and colorful synths that channel the energy of Billy Idol and Gary Numan, but with fervent female vocals that echo the pulse of anyone riding the ups and downs of love.

‘“Hang On’ is about how our minds play tricks on us,” reveals guitarist and founding member Matt Wignall. “It’s a light-hearted set of rules or proverbs about everyone’s self-importance. No matter what happens in our relationships with friends and lovers, everyone matters and we all recover from pain, and if we want it, we become better.”

“Hang On” is a track from Wargirl’s ​upcoming album ​Dancing Gold​, set for release on June 12 through Clouds Hill. T​he record’s songs were mixed by brilliant engineer/producer Mark Neill best known for his producing of The Black Keys “Brothers” and Dan Auerbach’s “Keep It Hid”.

To understand the Wargirl sound, it’s essential to know their multifarious background. Wargirl is a wolfpack of 6 eclectic musicians, three men and three women, all from varying cultures that ultimately manifests as their gritty, psychedelic melodies.

Dancing Gold ​is now available for pre-order on apple music. Fans can also check out the song and music video (below) for the album’s titular track, released earlier this year.

Words: Jenna Dorn

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Track Listing
1. Drive
2. Dancing Gold
3. 2069
4. Pretend
5. Echoes
6. Don’t Bring Me Down 7. Watcha Say
8. I Told Ya
9. Cry