Sky Keller

Singer/songwriter Sky Keller has shared her new single “High & Hurt,” an uplifting alt-pop piece perfect for this moment of nullifying helplessness and uncertainty that seems to be all around us. Inspired by her own moment of all-enveloping depression, the song traverses through all the aches and pains that come from the fall – the bitter disappointment, the anxious self-doubt – mixing them in with all the latent hope and love Keller once had. It’s a different way to grieve, to look at the pain.

As Keller’s powerful croons cut through the energetic tumble of the song’s melody – a surging, electronica-tinted given life by her electric cries – it’s apparent that to her all of it is necessary, the good and the bad. “I thought I’d never get out of that depressive funk,” Keller said. “But writing the song gave me the kind of head change I needed to move on.”

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Listen to Sky Keller’s new single “High & Hurt”