ella vos

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Ella Vos has shared a new single from her forthcoming sophomore album, Turbulence. The song, “Burning Bridges,” is another stellar example of Vos’ intensely confessional lyricism, electric as it is when delivered via her piercing croons. With Vos there is a surging defiance that accompanies her songs, an enigmatic light at the end of the tunnel that keeps her hook-filled pop ballads from ever feeling trite.

“Burning Bridges” has all the unabashed, delirious momentum of the best pop songs but Vos imbues it with her own rawness – rife as they are with the weight of her life. Like contemporary Maggie Rogers, there is a burgeoning wonder, strength, and bliss that sits as the undercurrent to Vos’ pieces, and when you emblazon those honest spirits in a dynamo of lush pop soundscapes, the result is something very close to “Burning Bridges.”

“[‘Burning Bridges’] is about setting healthy boundaries. I’ve always struggled with boundaries and have a hard time speaking up for what I want or need. I constantly try to make everyone else feel okay, even if I suffer,” Vos said. “When I became a mom, had postpartum depression, got diagnosed with lymphoma and went through a divorce, it was clear that if I was going to survive, I needed to make some changes. I learned that taking care of myself first was the best way I could take care of the people around me.”

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Listen to Ella Vos’ new single “Burning Bridges”