PREMIERE: Timely New Single From C. Shirock Explores What It Means To Live Immediately

C. Shirock

C. Shirock is the LA-based, profoundly vulnerable artist who finds strength in the rough. With intellectual undertones and glistening musicality, his new single ‘All We Have Is This Moment’ could not be more appropriate and soulfully healing than right now.

The track opens in a chant, his ethereal vocals restrained in the melody until, almost with angst, Shirock’s voices breaks from the phrase with a liberating vibrato. ‘All We Have Is This Moment’ calls to mind the 80s, with twinkling percussion and emotive vocal lines. The lyrics capture you instantly because you know that this song is about you, too.

Speaking directly to the current state of our globe, C. Shirock begs us to ask: what does it mean to live in, and to appreciate, the present moment?

“Never has this song felt more true,” Shirock confides. “With so much uncertainty in the world, so much fear and so many questions, all we have is today.  For me this is a constant reminder to live fully wherever I am. It’s a song about learning to ‘live immediately’ – a phrase from one of my favorite philosophers, Seneca.”

The man behind the music, Chuck Shirock, previously wrote and performed in the acclaimed band Shirock. The sound he brings to us today is a fine evolution into a Phil Collins meets the Cure modernity. He calls this project a continuation, reveling in the freedom to chase his creative impulses.

C. Shirock has found success with his music featured in multiple TV networks including MTV and ABC, and has performed at major summer festivals across the US and UK. He further involves himself in charity work, where he has partnered with various homeless and poverty-focused organizations. 

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Words: Ariana Tibi


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