Jenny O Yearns for Human Connection in New Single “I Don’t Want to Live Alone Anymore”

Jenny O
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Never before in history has inaction been so celebrated. Jenny O has been practicing for this period of physical distancing for years, though she was perhaps not expecting the psychological impact of being forced to do so. She has self-described as an introvert, and her album, New Truth, strives for outside connection without caving to the pressure of social circles. Listen to Jenny O’s new single “I Don’t Want to Live Alone Anymore” below and expect the new album June 14 on Mama Bird Recordings. 

“I never would have thought this song would come out while the world was in isolation, but I guess this is its time. The only time I ever lived truly alone, I felt nuts. I am amused by obsessive rearranging and celebration of my things. I prefer housemates.”

Self-quarantine is going to rearrange many households; with all this spare time, I’ve been cleaning out my room and my mind all at once. Jenny O invites a quiet loneliness in “I Don’t Want To Live Alone Anymore,” yearning for someone to share her space while acknowledging her knack for being by herself. A steady guitar and percussion pattern emerges at the start of the song, framing her equally steady vocals, set low in her register where she is actually most comfortable. This is a song about the limits of freedom—woodwinds flutter in the background as she falters between fear that she would bother a partner in close quarters and a desire for someone to come over and bother her. 

Jenny O
New Truth album art

Jenny O’s new album finds a balance. Having worked completely alone to direct, edit, produce, and star in the “I Don’t Want To Live Alone Anymore” music video, Jenny O unsurprisingly took ownership of most of New Truth too.

“I played all the guitars on this record,” the artist said in a press release. “I wanted to channel the freedom of the Home and Work EPs, but recorded way better. I took solos! I played bass, except Rachel Goodrich did the funkier two songs because her time is better than mine.” She also noted working with Kevin Ratterman, “who is so fast, so patient, willing to try anything, and so much fun. It was important to me to have a good time while making it, and we did.” 

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by: Zoë Elaine

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