Eden Iris Longs for an Ease of Domestic Tension on New Rendition of “Blue Home”

eden iris

When one has a crush, it is natural to fantasize about a life together. That typically means imagining oneself in their home, or vice versa; now that our immediate surroundings have become our entire reality, that has become a more intimate portrait than ever before. And it also is an apt time for the official release of Eden Iris’ soft pop love letter known as “Blue Home.” The LA-based New Zealander will release her debut album later this year, where the new rendition of the single will appear. 

“It’s a letter of longing, at a time where I was trying to hold onto hope. It was a cathartic but intense song to write. It is probably one of the most honest songs I have ever written. I started out playing it at open mics and it has been a part of my set-list ever since.” – Eden Iris

Eden Iris expresses abundant desire and heartache on “Blue Home,” but at its core, the song is founded upon anticipation. This becomes obvious on the bridge when she itemizes her patience, admitting, “all this time I’ve been waiting, so just let me be your girl…”

This may not be a new song for many fans, but the arrangement has changed over the years, adding a dash of pathos with each additional measure of string instrumentation or glockenspiel melody. If there is a moral to this accidental self-isolation tale, it would be to leave your heart open to connections even when it may seem like your home is closed. Then you’ll find that your blue home isn’t blue for long. 

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Words: Zoë Elaine

eden iris

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