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Singer-songwriter, Geneva White, with her new single, “Angel” so subtly captures the vulnerability and openness found in the acts of reaching out and receiving, capturing the sentiment of these diametric actions with a heartfelt overture, bridging the soul between two individuals.

“‘Angel’ is about a friend who I knew I’d never see again,” says White. “It’s the idea that even though we’re adults and are supposed to be able to take care of ourselves, sometimes we need people looking out for us, and who understand the gravity of what it means to promise someone that you’ll never let them down. I wanted to be that for my friend, even if I couldn’t be there in person.”

“Angel” helps to remind us that we are not alone, a reminder that is extremely pertinent in midst of a pandemic that has seemingly eradicated the meaning of time and kept most of us at home and physically apart.

We may be feeling distant from others and at the same time, paying more attention to ourselves and our habits than ever before, bringing on new or intense emotional experiences (either alone or with a partner).

These discoveries could leave us feeling vulnerable or unsure of what to do during this time, so reflection and mental check ups with ourselves and our friends are extremely vital to our overall wellbeing. There may be things we can’t do right now, but we can always reach out to loved ones or be there for a friend.

“Angel” was recored in North Hollywood. It is the first single in a series of upcoming tracks by Geneva White that will be released throughout the year. White’s previous releases have garnered much attention and landed her a spot on Grimy Goods 2020 Forecast of artists to watch.

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Words: Patricia Sanchez

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