Alaina Castillo Premieres Beautiful New EP Sung in Spanish

With a debut Spanish language EP, Mexican-American artist Alaina Castillo sets in motion a beautiful solo performance, capturing the fragility and earnestness of a young woman looking into the past so that she can better clarify her future.

Pain, doubts, love, loss, hope and new beginnings are all wrapped up in this EP, the counterpart to the release of her English language EP, ‘voicenotes’ released earlier in April.

“I wanted to be completely vulnerable on this EP because I sing about the things in the past that have caused me pain and I wanted people to relate to those feelings,” Castillo says.

Sung this time in Spanish, Castillo notes that she herself is still learning the language of her heritage, but she wanted to share her words with as many people as possible.

“I wanted to sing in Spanish and English because music is the one thing that can help us get by. I am still learning Spanish because I had to learn by myself but I am very proud to be a Latina,” Castillo says. “This is the way I express myself and for that reason, I made my EPs in both languages.” 

Aside from showing off some language skills, both Castillo’s EPs demonstrate a keen perception and self-awareness that is carried through via powerful vocals and stripped down songwriting. It’s not an EP of new discovery, but one of careful and personal divulgence.

Young as she may be, the 19-year-old Castillo has crafted an insightful piece of work with the pairing of her English and Spanish language EPs, penning words of advice that she delivers to her peers with the utmost care.

For more on Castillo and her music, follow her on social media or visit her website.

Words: Patricia Sanchez

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