Arlo Parks

Capturing the complexity of life, London based musician Arlo Parks pens a universal narrative with her music. Though she’s just emerged onto the music scene, Parks writes with astounding clarity and has a keen sense of perception.

Singing about all that she observes and feels from the beauty we find in little moments to the gritty details of someone struggling, Parks writes with precise language to create tiny thought pieces on life, words aided by the melodic coaxing of genre defying music.

Known for her 2018 debut single, “Cola,” Parks’ music is influenced by her interest in good writers including notable authors, great horror films and both contemporary and vintage artists.

Her most recent single, “Black Dog” is an emotional number that encapsulates pain both as an emotion we feel directly and as the result of seeing someone else suffer. Parks wrote the song to capture the helplessness one might feel in the latter situation and reminds people they are not alone.

“It’s supposed to make people who are struggling feel less isolated and start a conversation surrounding the prevalence of mental health issues in today’s world.” Parks says.

Growing up in South West London as a shy, queer black girl who didn’t fit in with her peers, Parks developed a world of her own with the short stories and poetry she wrote.

“I would write stories so detailed you could taste them, while maintaining the energy and life of the hip-hop I loved,” says Parks. 

With smooth vocals and a sharp tongue, Arlo Parks has stepped up to speak up about the world around her and the ones she creates in her head. With an appreciation for songs just as poetic as her own, Parks recently covered Radiohead‘s iconic song “Creep.” Compelling and beautiful, in every breath, we highly recommend you give her latest a listen.

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Words: Patricia Sanchez

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