Xoller and Suede James Team Up for Unsettling New Single “Dreamgirl”

Photo credit: Zach Wright

We are all made up of diverse facets. Los Angeles’ own Xoller compartmentalizes her best qualities, as likely many of us do to be able to hone a talent or safely examine the psyche. Her latest single, produced by herself and Suede James (aka Taylor Lawhon of Mating Ritual), addresses one of the personas that Xoller has built in her mind. The “Dreamgirl” that she describes follows unsettling production elements until it is no longer a reflection of herself—and perhaps has become her worst enemy. 

“‘Dreamgirl’ is about creating a romantic version of yourself for someone else,” Xoller revealed on Instagram of the track. The twinkling chops that comprise the production certainly give an impression of romance, though with a sinister undertow. She sings with apprehension, allowing her range to dip during verses and float during the self-loathing chorus. This figure she created as her ticket to fame or success slowly takes over her waking life, leaving little else to think about: “My dreamgirl waits for me/ my dreamgirl hates me.”

Xoller wrote this cautionary tale for anyone with a dream. In further describing the song, she said, “too often we create a commodity out of ourself as the industry demands, forcing us to become unnaturally one-dimensional. To become someone we hate, who hates us back.” Any paradigm could substitute the “industry” she refers to; so long as there are standards to meet, our minds will warp to meet them, even if that means losing a part of one’s true self. But “Dreamgirl” is a chance to break free from stigma, whether societally- or self-imposed. 

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by: Zoë Elaine

“Dreamgirl” art by Xoller, including original material by @floatingheavy

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