Annika Rose
Annika Rose by Aaron Sinclair

Change dictates the chaotic world Annika Rose, and the rest of us, live in. And it’s that ceaseless change that the L.A.-based singer hones in on with her new single, “Butterflies.” Inspired by a late-night conversation the 18-year-old had with a friend about the immense hurdle of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood, the song finds Rose gushing intimately about the paralyzing nature of her nervous angst over her future. Built on a heady back-beat that thrums throughout, “Butterflies” is an ecstatically jittery pop-ballad, one that is soaked in Rose’s energetic but anxious questions about where her life is going.

The film for the song, directed by Luke Biggins and Rebekah Bird virtually via Zoom, places Rose on a ranch struggling to overcome the growing pains that come with growing-up. But more than that, Rose loosens herself up to confess all the colossal uncertainty she is shouldering from having to plan a future based on a tentative-at-best present–and it’s a universal feeling at this moment.

“I found myself reflecting deeply on childhood naivety and the freedom from the realities of the world and growing up, back to what often feels like a simpler time. Catching butterflies is a metaphor for that lost innocence and purity of life when we’re young. Especially lately, the intensity of this feeling has grown with everything happening in the world and I want to use this song and my music to connect with others who may be feeling a similar way.”

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