Riding Shotgun in Remi Wolf’s Boisterous New Single “Monte Carlo”

remi wolf
Photo Credit: Blair Brown

Buttupeh! If you are looking to celebrate, you’ll want to bump Remi Wolf’s latest single “Monte Carlo.” The boisterous track comes only a handful of weeks after the local artist released her acclaimed 5-track EP, I’m Allergic to Dogs! Her autobiographical description on Genius suggests that she is a wild child, unpredictable but lovable—and that checks out. After all, Wolf’s most consistent instrument is infectious joy, and every word on “Monte Carlo” gives listeners reason to smile. 

“Remi Wolf is a crazy bih but is also hella nice and sweet sometimes but also likes to yell at people but has figured out that maybe instead of yelling at people she can just sing and scream at people on stage when she’s in the mood to make money and act like a daddy dom. Remi also occasionally hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show and the nationally syndicated Family Feud, which is on its 43rd season. She also occasionally guest stars on the Jersey Shore as a Snooki body double. …” – Remi Wolf, via Genius

Allowing herself room to experiment, Wolf utilizes the loudest, most colorful sounds to create her own summertime aesthetic. “Monte Carlo” floats over a ticking drum machine and is reinforced by a choir singing “hey ya” and “buttupeh.” The Outkast and Busta Rhymes references are obvious, with nods to Nicki Minaj and pop culture references abound. The curtain pulls back in the bridge and we realize Wolf is not speaking to us but to her boyfriend, though she doesn’t seem ready to settle down: “You’re not my mom you’re not my dad, you’re my tiny little boyfriend!” 

remi wolf
“Monte Carlo” art by Austin Call

Wolf, never one to go with the status quo, organized a drive-in concert in Chinatown to celebrate her recent EP. All proceeds from the show went directly to support The Plus1 For Black Lives Fund and the LA community center, Summaeverythang. Though the artist told the Associated Press that she hopes this isn’t the future of concerts, she has proven that she will adapt to whatever is necessary. With the release of “Monte Carlo,” fans can expect a whole lot more in store from Remi Wolf. 

Listen to I’m Allergic to Dogs! and more by Remi Wolf on Spotify. Follow Remi Wolf on Instagram and Twitter.

words by: Zoë Elaine

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